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The CMDF is a trust fund, whose purpose is to support the development of the Malaysian capital market.

The CMDF creates value through the support and funding of the right projects. These would be projects and initiatives that could demonstrate measurable value, such as by addressing or closing gaps within the Malaysian capital market.

The CMDF has four statutory objectives, which are:
  1. To promote and develop the Malaysian capital market to be efficient, innovative and internationally competitive;
  2. To develop and upgrade skills and expertise required by the Malaysian capital market;
  3. To develop and support high quality research and development programs and projects relating to the Malaysian capital market; and
  4. To develop self-regulation of professional associations and market bodies.

In addition, the CMDF Board, in its evaluation of submissions, would also consider whether the projects are:
  1. In line with national agenda;
  2. Relevant to meet the needs and priorities of a developing capital market; and
  3. Have a significant impact on the overall capital market.

The CMDF has also aligned itself with the key thrusts of the capital market moving forward, as outlined by Phase 3 of the Capital Market Masterplan.

This is both a strategic and timely move: strategic, because Phase 3 of the Capital Market Masterplan has been aligned to the 9th Malaysia Plan and timely, as both plans are now running concurrently.

The key thrusts of Phase 3 of the Capital Market Masterplan are:
  1. To enhance the overall quality of the market
  2. To enhance the vibrancy and growth of the market
  3. To enhance the international competitiveness if the market

The CMDF will prioritise projects that are in line with these key thrusts. This will enable industry to identify and develop projects that would address specific gaps and needs, and which would have a positive impact on meeting the broader needs of the overall capital market. Further, such projects are expected to fall within one of the four broad objectives of the CMDF.

With the above as the underlying philosophy, the CMDF hopes that any project it funds would assist in closing a gap and would benefit a wide segment of the market.

The CMDF encourages submissions from industry on projects that are in line with the above.
In The News

26 Oct 15

Malaysia is hoping new incentives for "ethical" Islamic bonds and home loans will strengthen the country's sharia-compliant investment market and lure more private players to one of the world's largest Islamic financial sectors.

29 Sep 15

MALAYSIA has passed an important milestone and is on its way to developed country status. World Bank data show that the Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita at US$10,830 (RM47,745) last year has, for the first time, exceeded the average of all nations worldwide of US$10,804.

05 Jun 15

Bursa Malaysia Bhd will draw a plan with Malaysian Investor Relations Association (MIRA) to get more firms, including smaller listed companies, to make investor relations (IR) a priority. “We will sit down and make a plan with MIRA to get all companies to participate in IR practices. More companies should have IR officers or departments,” Bursa Malaysia CEO Datuk Tajuddin Atan made an impromptu announcement yesterday while speaking at the MIRA award function in Kuala Lumpur

12 May 15

Malaysia ranks top among developing countries in terms of corporate governance requirement, a survey by accounting and audit professionals shows. Out of the 15 developing countries surveyed, Malaysia achieved a joint first place with India, according to the joint study titled “Balancing Rules and Regulations” by KPMG International and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

14 Mar 15

Policymakers should consider Islamic finance as a viable complement or reinforcement to the still fragile global financial system, the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah said.
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